BLACK VELVET CIRCUS is a fairtrade fashionlabel for women and was founded in 2014 by Hamburg native Tanja Glissmann. Before that she worked for brands like LALA Berlin and Alexander McQueen, as well as studied at the London College of Art. Her Creed is "Love the past - wear the future." She loves to experiment, though stays pragmatic in her designs, to combine creativity with wearability. Her sources for inspiration are the 60's and 70's, whereas she rethinks these vintage designs to look great for all body types. Collections are added to each season with unique pieces. Thus, a production of high-quality wares made from high-quality fabrics is guaranteed. All of her wares are available in shop all year around.


BO CARTER is a unique, independent, ethical fashion brand, creating high quality contemporary garments in a responsible manner. Bo was born in Poland during the communist era, an environment that offered little but empty shelves. Though that did not stop her from creating her own imaginary world of fashion with paper and scissors designing clothes for her paper dolls. Even after moving to England and taking up career as an accountant, fashion was never far from her mind. This obsession led her to create her first collection in 2010. After that there was not stopping her. Bo has since showcased her collections in USA, Malta, India, Iceland and throughout the UK. Bo's vision of fashion is clear: be unique, be hold and most of all be ethical. Ethics and a tough stance against animal cruelty have a special place in Bo's heart, which is why you won't find leather, fur or garments made using child labour or exploitation in any of her collections.

Awards: 2010 - Best Local Designer - Leeds Retail Awards | 2012 - Leeds Most Stylish Women's Independent Retailer - Radio Aire Awards | 2013 - Most Talented New Designer - PETA UK Vegan Fashion Awards | 2018 - New Business Awards Finalist - Blue Patch Sustainable Business Award | 2018 - Best Independent Fashion Brand (England) - LUX Fashion and Lifestyle Awards | 2018 - LUX Excellence Award for Ethical Products (UK) - LUX Fashion and Lifestyle Awards


Clō is a SUSTAINABLE Barcelona-based brand launched in June 2017. Ariadna Garrido, Founder + Design Director, majored in fashion design at LCI, Barcelona and worked as a designer in the industry for 11 years before starting Clō Stories. She also studied painting and photography. Clō embodies NATURALITY and SUSTAINABILITY, where bathing suit designs adapt to your body enhancing your natural feminine side. Their designs are REVERSIBLE, you can mix and match them to create your perfect swimsuit that adapts to your body and makes you feel comfortable. Clō is focused on the slow fashion movement. All their clothing is designed in their studio in Barcelona and made in Barcelona. They design sustainable swimming suits and clothing made of fabrics and materials sourced locally and in Italy. Clō Stories is not only a swim fashion brand. Their collection also includes recycled knitwear, organic cotton tee and natural woven garments. These go together well with the bathing suits and give the comfort represented in the essence of Clō. Their designs are named after the women in history that inspired them and that fought for our rights.

GABRIELLE - Painter and founding member of the expressionism | GRETE - Novelist and women’s liberation writer | SIMONE - Writer, intellectual, existentialist philosopher, political activist, feminist and social theorist | COLETTE - Novelist, journalist, mime and actress


KOMANA creates sustainably made, seasonless clothing and textiles with eclectic prints. Fascinated with the suggestive power of patterns and prints, they invite you on a dreamy journey through shapes and colours. A respectful treatment of all beings and nature is at the core of KOMANA, run by Swiss sisters Nina & Livia. Carefully selected organic and fairly traded materials are used as the canvas for their ideas, caressing the women’s individuality and vouching for her social conscience.
KOMANA aims at creating pieces that are both aesthetically and ethically inspiring. Clothing with character and a touch of theatricality and humour. They grow to your heart, become your companions - rather than throwaway goods. Products with meaning and personality.
KOMANA is passionate about sharing the processes behind their collections and putting a focus on the artisan makers involved.


MARITA MORENO is a Portuguese brand of fashion accessories created with a unique and ethical perspective, in which the history of the products is fundamental for its definition as a |slow fashion| brand. Their products use local and national endogenous resources, artisanal and industrial. They are constantly in search of how to create and produce design objects with history that are used in everyday life. Ethics, transparency in the production and social responsibility have always been intrinsic values to the brand. From the creation of the Vegan line in the summer of 2017 they started to look at their environmental responsibility as a company and the importance of producing in a sustainable way. It was a mindset changing for them and they started to think about the environment and the world they live in. ​They care about the creative process and their models are made to last. They use quality materials based on the principles of sustainability when producing their products for greater durability of the items and they add a timeless design that avoids fashion trends which would imply shorter life cycles to the products.


MOIMOI was founded in July 2010 n Helsinki by Raquel and Kalle. Raquel was born in Spain and acquired a Master of Arts in fashion design and sales, while Kalle is Finish and has a background in digital design. After an exchange year in Finland Raquel began to think about a sustainable brand called MOIMOI. A few years later she met Kalle, talked about the project and the longing to make something long lasting, tangible and so, the rest is history. Their philosophy is to buy less, but of high quality to make long lasting products. Every item is practical, timeless, without losing any of its style. They design every item in Helsinki and produce their wares in Spain and Finland. All of their products were made by artisans with vegetal tanned leather.


MOMOC was founded by Gabriela in Spain, as she is convinced it is time to walk a more conscious way of life. She believes in ONE PLANET, ONE HOME, YOUR HOME. MOMOC uses materials mostly sourced in Spain and is extra careful in its choice of materials and their ecological impact, to make trendy, elegant and comfortable, high quality shoes. They are conscious about taking materials from nature without harming nature in the process, like cork and natural rubber. They also follow a zero waste policy and use leathers tanned without chrome or metals. They want their customers to walk their life eco-conscious, responsible and fashionable. MOMOC is for every woman who loves fashion and nature.


NUOO is a contemporary fashion brand born in Barcelona (Spain) with a nomadic spirit. “Traveling and exploring is part of our DNA and our collections are often inspired by people and experiences from all around the world.” Their designs are meant to be loved for a long time so they create designs which are unique and timeless, providing simple lines and forms that make women feel comfortable and unique at once. They care about what they do and that’s why they produce their garments with local ateliers and artisans who provide endless love under fair labour conditions to each single piece. NUOO is the most personal project of Pilar Bermúdez, a fashion designer with a background in the advertising and marketing field that ten years ago, found a way of expression in designing and her personal development aligned with values like sustainability, innovation and ethical work.


RHUMAA is more than just a fashion brand. Their focus is to change the world through sustainable fabrics, positive production and to provide a platform for artists. When you’re wearing Rhumaa, you’re wearing an artistic story with a strong message, which you can live and share. Rhumaa always carries in mind: you are what you wear, your clothes are a representation of your identity. Rhumaas collections are timeless and elegant with a modern touch. Therefore, they can stand against trends and stay with you for a long time. As they are made with high quality, they can be worn to every occasion and are incredibly comfortable in everyday life. Every collection celebrates an artist and an art story. Hidden in the seams of each printed piece, is an art message expressed through print, design, colour, details, and high-quality sustainable fabrics. It’s something for you to treasure as a true collectors item. Rhumaa invests a lot into the extension of their environmentally friendly production and management. Their focus lies on the following points: Sustainable Fabrics. Sustainable practices in the office, with deliveries, with their partners and production. Recycle, re-use, reduce. They are set on this and do a little more every day. Rhumaa has also founded an organisation to donate and support sustainable programs and projects in South Afrika: the Rhumaa Foundation.


SAM LANG was cofounded in 2019 in Berlin by Laura and Ivanka. Since childhood they shared similar ethical values. Conscientious and holistic thinking is fundamental to all creative and economic decisions. Together with their team they take part in the slow fashion movement. SAM LANG create clothing which connects diverse parts of society and doesn't separate. Age, Gender, Profession, ethnical background and other definitions do not characterise the SAM LANG customer. They think circular right from the beginning, by choosing certified ecological materials, high quality workmanship and design conceptual looks, which are made to last. Based on:


SANIKAI is a Swiss based ethical & vegan fashion brand that represents style & quality in a conscious way. Founded in 2015 in Zurich, SANIKAI works on a basis of responsibility for our only planet and the love of natural or recycled materials fused with Swiss perfectionism. Timeless design with the highest ethics & quality demands are the heart of SANIKAI’s philosophy. These positive values shine through at every level, from the manufacturers in Switzerland to the ready to wear garment, the material procurement and the entire CI/CD of the company. For every garment, SANIKAI pays maximum attention to fabric selection, fitting and perfect quality. The company’s core reflects a positive and caring attitude towards the conscious choice to embrace life and wake up dormant senses.


SHIO is a sustainable fashion label, founded by Kate Pinkstone in Berlin. Kate is passionate about the ethical supply chain and sews every piece of clothing in her studio, made from materials that she carefully chose all around Europe. She uses eco linen, organic cotton and upcycled cotton and repeats her core designs for every season to promote the theme of slow fashion. Kate is inspired by the simplicity of Japanese patterns to make classic, timeless Designs.


SOPHIA SCHNEIDER–ESLEBEN is a young designer from Saxony, Germany. She uses Turkish cotton, which is weaved in Chemnitz and uses drinkable organic colours to print her unique designs onto the cloth. All materials used (cloth, thread, buttons and zippers) are vegan, organic, and certified with GOTS. Sophia also focusses her attention to effectively use all of her available materials, using the remaining cloth and threads to create accessories or new cloth and thread. Her fashion is a result of design, artisanry and ecology. Clever cuts in pure forms result in fashion which can be used in everyday and business live, is not bound by seasons, available for all ages and unisex. For her work and passion in sustainable fashion Sophia has received the following awards and nominations:

2018/19 Auszeichnung zur Nachwuchs-Designerin für Nachhaltigkeit | 2018 Nominated German Design Award | 2017/18 DA`C Word Leading Designers | 2017 A`Design Award, Silber | 2017 Nominated Little London Award "Best Fashion Brand"


Tales of Anyday is a fashion label based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their focus is to create sustainable fashion which makes women feel and look beautiful. Beauty that enhances the loveliness of everyday life through the functional and simple qualities of their design. The beauty that lies in the simple moments, in laughter with family and friends, in enjoying time leisurely or working to create. Their focus besides the designs lays in the quality and unique designs of the carefully selected fabrics, as well as the sustainable production. Most of the production is based in Denmark and Latvia under fair labour, with close communication and transparent relationships between the facilities.


THE 13 SNAKE PROJECT is a Studio of Designers in Lima. They love to reinterpret fashion and find new improvements in industrial as well as artistic processes to create sustainable clothes. Clothes are produced with organic Peruvian cotton, focussing on versatility, comfort and freedom. Production of their designs is handled in workshops own by single mothers, respecting their flexible work hours. The designers of THE 13 SNAKE PROJECT are inspired by their Peruvian roots, enjoying to experiment in different directions, with different textures and textiles to create new, modern fashion. They treasure authenticity and hold the connection between sustainability and design close to their heart.


WWOOLLFF CO. is a lifestyle brand founded in the streets of downtown Helsinki in 2015. They design and manufacture limited collections and one-off items using only the freshest and the most ecological, high quality materials they manage to find. WWOOLLFF CO. uses only environmentally friendly textiles and biodegradable packing materials. They reuse their leftovers in new clothes and tags. They sort and recycle all their waste and run their studios with 100% solar power. A cut of their sales is donated and invested into new technologies, making our earth cleaner and greener.