Shirt Dress Marie. Mimosa

313,00 €

Marie, with its beautiful, timeless cut is a must have in every wardrobe. Lightweight and airy are the words you're searching for when describing this blouse-dress with the sits at the side which extent up to the knee.

It's super comfy with pockets at the sides and the folds of the skirt enhance its Mediterranean look. You can wear the sleeves rolled up or down. 

Material: 100% Organic-Cotton made in Germany | Corozo buttons from Germany

Colour: Mimosa | 100% drinkable organic colors printed in Germany

In the summer of 1986 architect Paul Schneider-Esleben paints with aquarelles at the edge of the vineyards in south France, looking down to the Baie de la Briande on the Côte d'Azur. Surrounded by cicadas, rose wine and a small, practical box of aquarelles, which accompanied him on all his travels, he paints the bay in the season of poppies and mimosas. In 2020 these moments are used in the "Hommage 4" collection of Sophie Schneider-Esleben. She digitalized the artwork and prints it with drinkable eco-colours, made in Germany and Lithuania with 100% women power. 

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