About Us

We have made it our cause to decipher sustainable | timeless trends. That’s why you can find exclusive, high quality fashion in our assortment, which, with the right care, can be use for a long time – to all kinds of occasions. The style of every item is one of a kind and designed by clever, creative minds with a love of details. The production of every piece is sustainable – made from organic or re-used fabrics and materials.

Slow fashion is an expression of slowing down your lifestyle – that’s why most of our offered wares are commissioned if asked for and are produced under good and fair working conditions in small, exclusive manufactures or their own workshops. The items you receive from us are thus mostly limited works of fashion.

All of our designers are innovative and ambitious to realize the topical vision of a nature conscious world. This means all of them are working towards changing towards lessening or stopping pollutant emissions through production methods by advancements in the industry and methods, as well as recycling of materials and usage of eco-power.

We want to invite you to dive into a world, which fusions design with art – craft with sustainability, as well as combining clever styles with purist forms. High-quality production makes fashion with a strong character. For everyday life as well as special occasions – your outfit will draw the eyes and impress with its style or its relaxed form. Everything with the easy comfort of being in harmony with nature.